Jody Jakob

jodyBorn and raised in New York City, Jody Jakob finished university in the United States and went to London, U.K. to study at the British School of Osteopathy.

After graduating in 1979, Jody developed his skills by practising and teaching in the UK, benefiting from the exposure to higher standards of practice and proficiency.

Jody moved to Portugal with his family in the 80's, Jody has deep roots, having now lived and worked in Portugal for over 25 years, where four of his eight children were born.

For 12 years Jody worked at a prestigious medical clinic in Cascais, before setting up "Saúde Integral".

More than 40.000 patients treated over the years make an impressive curriculum of experience and success.

After graduating in 1979, Jody taught Osteopathic technique at the British College of Osteopathy and Naturopathy.

He maintained a private practice in England and also did locum work in London for other osteopaths. After a few years, frustrated by the British weather, Jody and his family decided to move to Portugal.

He immediately set up practice at the Estoril Sol Hotel, and started to attend patients. At first there were only British patients because 25 years ago, Osteopathy was practically unknown in Portugal. Soon the Portuguese started to arrive and today they account for about 95% of all of Jody's patients.

After the Estoril Sol, Jody worked at International Medical Center in Cascais, where he stayed for 12 years, now he and his clinic Saude Integral  exist at Clinca Rosario next to Farmacia Rosario and works with doctors from every specialty.

Over the past 10 tears, Jody has tutored and mentored many young Osteopathy students and lectured and promoted workshops for both Osteopaths and other health care providers.

For two years Jody was an external examiner for the Osteopathy degree of "Oxford Brookes University" in Lisbon.

Jody's main passion is treating patients, which he has been doing continuously, ever since he graduated.

Jody is a member of the following organizations:

  • Associação de Profissionais de Osteopatia
  • General Council and Register of Osteopaths-UK
  • Forum for Osteopathic Regulation

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