Retired Teacher

All the Doctors that I saw, gave up on my case. And I also almost gave up. I went to Dr Jody as the last hope. He listened to me, he worried and with patience we worked together to overcome my problem. Today I am confident that my body works well and whenever I need I can call Dr. Jody.!

Government minister

I was told my only solution was surgery. I tried an Osteopath as the last recourse. After a short time I felt better and avoided surgery.


I had terrible pains on my leg when I walked more than100m, my friends told me that I had sciatica!! I went for a consultation with Dr. Jody and he informed me that I did not have sciatic but a problem related to my blood vessels. He told me that he could treat me and I should see a vascular surgeon. Imagine!! A Honest Doctor to tell me who could help me.

Domestic worker

I couldn't work anymore.i was incapacitated and afraid of my future. I thought I would be on sick leave forever!!! With only a few treatments I felt better and Dr. Jody explained how to work without affecting my back. Today I have no pain.

Insurance Company Director

I had pains during 20 years and I thought that I just had to conform with it. After a few treatments with Dr. Jody I was free of pain. Now I play tennis everyday and also golf regularly.

Director of a Chemical Company

My Doctor told me that surgery was the last recourse. I had a consultation with Dr. Jody, a week before Christmas Day. In the New Year I had no pain and have stayed free of pain for the last ten years.

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